Who are we ?



An intense professional career, 15 years invested internationally in the luxury sector.

Longing for a great need for freedom, I radically transformed my life going back to basics and simplicity and settling with my family in the heart of nature.
I dreamed, then we realized together Divinessence with the aspiration to create a privileged space embodying our values ​​and share them with others.

Today I teach Vinyasa & YIN yoga. I propose yoga retreats, individual and group lessons to maximise your well-being during your stay with us.



With more than 15 years of experience in upper upscale hotels - based in Brussels, Madrid and New York - having visited the four corners of the world, it is through these diverse cultures that my passion for cooking originated. I trained in this art with the concern to develop nourishing dishes, and especially rich in essential elements to maintain a strong health!

I like to share my cooking knowledge and I offer vegetarian cooking workshops that are health-oriented and suitable for anyone who wants to switch from a traditional diet, often low in nutrients and sometimes toxic, to a revitalizing diet.

I created Equilibrium Cuisine, which focuses on balanced vegetarian meals while combining good food association. My cuisine is heavily inspired by the Ayurveda tradition and raw philosophy, complete with spice and flavors that make each dish a festival of delight and color. I am passionate to take everyone through a sensory and culinary experience from the garden to the plate!

Our space offers you a unique opportunity to recharge in the heart of nature.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon at Divinessence!