Divinessence is...

First and foremost, a space of endless possibilities.

We welcome you in a space where you can regenerate and enjoy a natural environment of outstanding beauty, go for mountain walks, explore the picturesque surrounding area, relax in quiet tranquillity, or do absolutely nothing… either on your own, with friends or family.

Divinessence is also a retreat designed to promote health and well-being for individuals and the environment. It is best described as an awakening space, where you can discover or rediscover (yourself), by experiencing the 4 key elements around which this space is designed: Nutrition, Mouvement, Personal Development and Care.



What do I eat?

Our meals are a true moment of enjoyment and sharing.

On request, we provide meals as well as Equilibrium cuisine courses, prepared with fresh, organic, seasonal and local fruits, vegetables, flowers and aromatic wild plants that nature bestows upon us.

We pay particular attention to the quality of our diet. Our meals are inventive, vegetarian, energetic and full of flavor! Prepared according to the principles of the raw living food and of the Ayurveda philosophy, our cuisine is a festival of colors and flavors that will definitely awaken all your senses!



What are my  physical activities?

To move is to be alive !

Do you wish to bring movement back into your life? To emphasise balance and restore physical well-being? Divinessence is the perfect spot for you to recharge in a purely natural setting.

Vinyasa & YIN Yoga classes (individual or groups), Yoga workshops and retreats catered to all levels.

Personal Development


How do I elevate myself?

Time and space are essential and precious, a true luxury today! Peaceful, serene, this sought-after space can sometimes seem rare at home, with friends and in the professional world.
In this sense, a coaching session can simply and humbly offer you the space for thinking, searching, defining, deciding and planning, so that you can move in all truth and greatness.
Become aware of the development potential you carry within yourself. And take it to action! This is my approach.

Life coaching: Dare a new professional path; Live your passion; Develop your ability to put into action; Understand, accept and use your emotions ...

Well-being coaching: according to your eating habits and your potential ills, I make a well-being assessment, and together we draw your plan to return to health. I accompany you on this path so that you can understand and manage potential intolerances, and especially so that you re-appropriate your health in order to optimize your energy and your vitality.



How do I look after myself, care for others and the environment?

Do you want to look after your emotional well-being and your physical health by taking a preventive, holistic and independent approach?

It all starts with the care and respect that we show for ourselves and our own body. This can be achieved by putting into practice the teachings of the Ayurveda philosophy and preventive natural methods, which make good use of simple and inexpensive techniques that we have (too often) simply forgotten.

At Divinessence, to optimize your stay and well-being, you also have the possibility to book individual massotherapy or reflexology treatments with our certified therapists.

Caring is also the attitude we adopt towards our environment and the actions that we take (or not), and their impact on nature. We explore these themes in our natural space through hands-on practice.