Equilibrium Cuisine Workshops

Equilibrium Cuisine (EQC) is a way of life, an attitude! A state that we aspire to achieve. It's a trip, not a destination.
First of all everything starts with what you eat, and how you feed yourself. This will affect your health and your overall energy level, but also your mood, the state you are in => which in turn will dictate how you react to daily interactions: with yourself and managing your emotions , at home, at work, in your social network in general.

We are not always aware of it, however, it is proven that an imbalance in your diet can make you more sensitive (sometimes aggressive) or put you in a lethargic state, until a depressive tendency.

EQC is built on the foundation of a healthy diet where we eliminate toxins progressively, where nothing is forbidden, where everything is allowed, in moderation, in order to create a balanced lifestyle. We too often tend to be in extremes, excesses, which distances us from our true nature.
EQC is based on a personal story, mine and that of my partner and everything that is exposed in the workshops was observed, studied and lived personally ... The transformation on our level of health and the energy withdrawn was such that it seemed natural to us to transmit this knowledge around us. All this to be at ones best, for an optimal quality of our life on this beautiful planet.


Equilibrium Cuisine...

Offers vegetarian group cooking classes - (minimum of 4 participants) - health-focused that is suitable for anyone who wants to switch from a traditional diet, often low in nutrients and sometimes toxic, to a revitalizing diet.
What if our way of feeding us valued food as one of the essential pillars of our well-being? Do you want to learn how to cook healthily, prepare dishes that are simple, quick and tasty? You are in the right place!
All recipes are easy to make, dairy free and gluten free when needed. We use organic, local and seasonal ingredients. We strive to respect the principle of good food associations for each meal to ensure lightness and optimal digestion. We also favor soft and respectful cooking methods. Our approach is invigorating but tasty and balanced, guaranteed to seduce your five senses!
These culinary principles can be easily incorporated here and there at each of your meals. They are simple and at the same time surprising! An invitation to spend a holiday with long-term effects!
In addition, EQC offer you an individual coaching session to help you integrate a conscious diet in everyday life (coaching session facilitated by a professional coach trained in systemic coaching).
Enjoy everything you do and eat. Laugh. Live every moment fully!