Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

Angélique Beziel

Being in mouvement is being alive !

I love dancing since my childhood. I studied at the Academy of Dance and dance has always been my passion. I then turned to marketing studies and the practice of yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram with different teachers in the 4 corners of the world) accompanied me throughout my professional career. I worked in international branding in the luxury sector and spent several years living in China, London and Brussels.

With a great need for freedom, I left international urban centers and an intense professional life for a slower lifestyle, simple and conscious to get back to basics by settling with my family in the heart of nature. I dreamed, then we concretized together Divinessence with the aspiration to create a privileged space embodying our values ​​and share them with others.

Yoga is an integral part of my life and according to my physical, mental and emotional state, I adapt my daily practice. For me, to practice yoga is to meet me in what I am in the moment, to understand from within, to exhale after inspiration, to trust the wisdom of my body and to respect myself, to love myself. Physical health is the first benefit felt by this practice. A general equilibrium settles after each session and little by little, in all areas of life.

Having experienced the benefits of a regular practice of movement in my body and my being, I first chose to train myself to the teaching of Vinyasa yoga, because this style of yoga is close to my first love - dance and that its effects on my general equilibrium have been impressive. Vinyasa is indeed based on a fluid sequence of postures (flow) by synchronizing movements with breath. It's a dynamic and fluid practice. We dive into a deep letting go and we enter into meditation in motion!

YIN yoga offers a completely different approach and in my opinion, absolutely complementary. YIN yoga is about letting go, meditation and simplicity. This type of yoga is based on the principle of passive-action and responds to the growing need to slow down and take the time. Its benefits on body and mind are undeniable!

I am a Certified Yoga Alliance 200hrs teacher and I aspire to teach yoga with a lot of love, respect and joy. I remain a student of Life and I continue to train myself to deepen and enrich my practice, the knowledge of Self and the reliance with my body and the great whole.

I am also trained in systemic coaching (Metasystem / Alain Cardon), initiated to raw living food by Irène Grosjean (training for professionals) and passionate about ayurveda.

I will be honored to accompany you on this path of transformation during my classes or retreats at Divinessence.

"Yoga is a bright light, which once lit, will never be extinguished The more you practice, the more the flame will be alive." - BKS Iyengar -

Namasté, Angélique

Individual Coaching


Because yoga is above all a very personal path, I propose solutions adapted to each and everyone, this going from an individual course / a private lesson (at Divinessence or at your home) to a program conceived to measure in duration.

Reconnect to Yourself through your body ...